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1919 Investment Counsel was founded on the belief that no two clients are alike. For over a century, we have been delivering services and tailored solutions that preserve, build, and manage wealth. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals with thoughtful advice.

1919 Women & Wealth Platform Services

Mission Statement

Each of our clients is unique, and we are committed to understanding their specific values and goals. We are keenly aware of the particular

challenges that women face as investors. With our deep financial planning approach and customized, thoughtful portfolio management, we are

positioned to deliver exceptional value to female clients who have been long underserved by the industry and who face a multitude of

distinctive circumstances. At 1919, we consistently put each client’s needs first. Our loyalty to our female clients governs the counsel we

provide, bringing clarity to their complex financial lives. We are passionate about delivering an extraordinary client experience.

The Opportunity to Help Women

Women entrepreneurs add over $5 trillion to the global wealth pool every year

Women currently control 32% of all global wealth

72% of women are concerned about
financial security for their future

1919 for Women

In each interaction with our clients, we are guided by this first-order

principle, “To listen and understand before advising.” This is the

foundation of what we do. We know that no two clients are the same

and that every woman has her own financial goals and unique

challenges. Longer life expectancies, higher likelihood of solo living,

and a history of under service by financial institutions are a few of

the many reasons 1919 focuses on women’s wealth management

needs. We consider the factors that may impact your future plans

and offer solutions that we can help implement today.

Tailoring Wealth Strategies to You

We are committed to engaging and supporting women as they create

and manage wealth. We provide investment and planning resources

derived from decades of experience. A dedicated team partners with

you to identify your values, priorities, and short- and long-term

objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help connect your wealth plans to

your goals and your goals to your values. We work collaboratively

with you to create a tailored plan to meet your objectives now and


  • We listen, we ask questions, and we develop a plan-based approach to serve the nuanced needs of women investors.

  • 1919 W&W helps bring our existing services into an all-encompassing platform to deliver impactful solutions to women clients – education, investment solutions, etc.

  • We deliver the best possible results and solutions to our clients. The cornerstones of our firm’s foundation are independent investment research, fully customized portfolios, financial planning depth, and responsible investing.

  • We provide a best-in-class Responsible Investing approach, which includes our Inclusive Investing Strategy that focuses on companies positively impacting diversity and inclusion.

  • We continuously evaluate our thinking and tools to ensure their relevance to our client’s concerns and the evolving state of the world, from the global economy to the personal impact of tax law changes.

  • 1919 seeks ongoing improvement, extending to our own culture; as we continue to learn and grow, the W&W team actively contributes to 1919’s inclusive and respectful culture.

  • We practice what we preach. We create a supportive community for women in the financial services industry to help them grow as advisors and professionals and to assist clients in achieving their wealth goals.

Women & Wealth provides and leverages materials and tools with immediate value-add, accessible to anyone on our website:
Meet our Women & Wealth Team

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