1919 Investment Counsel was founded on the belief that no two clients are alike. For over a century, we have been delivering services and tailored solutions that preserve, build, and manage wealth. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals with thoughtful advice.

1919 Proprietary Research

At 1919 Investment Counsel, we understand that each client has unique objectives, risk tolerance, and circumstances.  Therefore, we use our

substantial 1919 Proprietary Research resources to craft a tailored portfolio solution.  We employ career professionals in equity, fixed income

and responsible investing research analysts whose recommendations are used by our portfolio management teams.

*Includes Inclusive Investing Strategy

Equity Analysts

Fixed Income Analysts

Responsible Investing Analysts


Our equity research analysts work closely with our portfolio managers to identify stocks that are best suited to client portfolio needs. We focus on company and industry dynamics as well as competitive position, balance sheet, and the quality of management. We consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities in our research as well. Our analysts perform intensive fundamental research including financial statement analysis, review of regulatory filing, meeting with company management, industry experts, competitors, other industry participants, as well as utilizing third-party research.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income research team engages in fundamental credit and

security structure analysis in addition to top-down credit market

analysis to determine security selection and portfolio strategy.

Factors in the team’s top-down analysis include forecasts of

movements in interest rates, shifts in the yield curve, changes in the

shape of the yield curve, and changes in sector spreads. 

Commitment to independent credit research underpins our fixed

income strategies.

Responsible Investing

Over the past 45 years, our approach to Responsible Investing has evolved. As we identify investment opportunities for portfolios, we employ

proprietary research that considers broadly agreed upon responsible and ethical corporate behavior.  We seek to understand the values that are

most important to our client and reflect those values in the investment portfolio.  We also seek companies with positive thematic social or

environmental purpose, products or services.  Our thematic impact research is informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as

client feedback.

1919 Investment Philosophy and Process

The research and recommendations provided by our analysts’ drives our disciplined stock selection process.  Our research analysis looks to

predict out-performance based on fundamental evaluation. Narrowing the field from thousands of possibilities to a portfolio of stocks

representing superior risk management and performance potential validates our intensive research and disciplined process as emphasized



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